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15 Second Water Wheel Timer Key Ring
15 Second Water Wheel Timer Key Ring

15 Second Water Wheel Timer | Liquid drops through – children love to watch.
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Apps For Autism
Apps For Autism

| by Lois Jean Brady | An essential guide to over 200 effective apps. This book will guide you through them so you can confidently utilise today’s technology to maximise your child or student’s success.
Catalog: B48    Sku: B48 Browse Category: Book Shop
How Do I Teach This Kid to Read?
How Do I Teach This Kid to Read?

| by Kimberly Henry | This book presents simple instructional strategies that can be used to help develop early literacy skills in young children with autism. Dozens of fine-tuned, easily adaptable activities that teachers and parents can implement separately or in infinite combinations. Included are units on phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.
Catalog: B47    Sku: B47 Browse Category: Book Shop
Liquid Timer
Liquid Timer

Liquid Timer | Liquid drips through in a 3 minute cycle – children love to watch. Great for teaching, calming and motivating. 12cm high and takes approxiamately 3 minutes for the liquid to complete its cycle.
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Catalog: ST17    Sku: ST17 Browse Category: Sensory Shop
Making it a Success
Making it a Success

| by Sue Larkey | This is the ideal reference for schools to successfully integrate students into the classroom. It provides easy to follow, proven strategies and worksheets to use immediately. Dr. Tony Attwood writes in the foreword: “Sue has a remarkable ability to identify and briefly explain the difficulties experienced by a child with autism in a regular classroom and to suggest realistic and practical strategies to improve abilities and behaviour. Her advice is succinct and wise.”
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Catalog: B01    Sku: B01 Browse Category: Book Shop
Photo Cook Books
Photo Cook Books

$27.50 - $110.00
| by Heather Durrant & Sue Larkey | These books are an ideal teaching programme for everyone. Cooking is a marvelous tool to teach everything from maths to social skills. Because cooking is a favourite with all children it’s a wonderful teaching and learning activity appropriate for all ages and stages! The manual has ready-made programmes linking curriculum and educational outcomes.
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Catalog: B06    Sku: B06 Browse Category: Book Shop
Pics for PECS CD
Pics for PECS CD

Pics for PECS CD | This CD contains over 2000 icons! The icons are organised by broad categories: alphabet, animals, attributes (colours, sizes, shapes), body parts, food/drinks, locations, numerals, sentence starters and songs, vehicles, actions/verbs, musical instruments and clothing. The images on this CD are in jpeg (jpg) format. Icons may be used as any clip art images. Compatible with all Word programs and newer Apple.
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Portable Schedule with Digital Timer
Portable Schedule with Digital Timer

Portable Schedule with Digital Timer | Links visual schedules with a time frame. Great for routines, concept of time, pre-warns how long until finish, self monitoring and more!
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Displaying 1-8 of 21 Found.
April 26, 2015
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